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Sunday 21 October 2018
Day ride: Coffinswell
Today's ride will take you through Broadhempston to the attractive village of Coffinswell, with optional cafe stops at Fermoys, M&s Torquay or Costa Newton Abbot. Weather should have calmed down by Sunday with a mainly dry start turning sunny. Ride length should be around 30-35 miles depending on how we feel and how the weather turns out.

The ride is open to any youngsters aged 10-17, to younger children if accompanied by parents, and to ex-members. Please bring a little money in case we visit a café.

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Friday 19 October 2018
Social: Badminton
9 present: Harry Back, Will Bastow, Ziggy Clark, Dillan Edwards, Michael Jones, Jude Norris, George Rogers, Tom Spurrell (16, Bickington), Mark Thomas
Our Autumn season began with a large turnout for the badminton session at Ashmoor. Michael was unfortunately unable to play because of his elbow injury but the other eight managed to play nearly everyone else during the hour-long session of activity. Only three shuttlecocks were destroyed, one of the totally!

Sunday 14 October 2018
Day ride: Converted to SocialRain
3 present: Dillan Edwards, Michael Jones, Jude Norris
Heavy rain this morning meant that our ride was converted to a social of games at Crofters.

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