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South Dartmoor CTC
Weekly cycling adventures for youngsters in South Devon
  • Rides, weekends, tours and social activities for young cyclists aged 10-16
  • Part of the national Cyclists' Touring Club, one of Britain's largest cycling organisations
  • Many activities suitable for new members
  • All activities start from Buckfastleigh
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Friday 27 May 2016Evening ride: Cancelled
Michael is unavailable this evening so there will be no ride today.

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Sunday 22 May 2016
Morning ride: CTC Devon 85th Anniversary Ride to Chalk Ford (11 mi)Sunny periods and occasional showers
6 present: Lawrence Buttress, Dillan Edwards, Ash Freeman, Michael Jones, George Rogers, Will Rogers
Dillan and George with the rest of the group on the moor, with Lud Gate behind (11:46)
Lawrence, Will and Ash on the moor near Lud Gate (11:46)
Riding the ford near Lud Gate (11:47)
Ash tackles the ford first near Lud Gate (11:47)
The moorland descent to Chalk Ford (11:49)
Preparing for the descent to Chalk Ford (11:48)
Investigating the destruction of the mature trees on Hembury Fort (13:37)
Stone throwing contest on Scoriton Down (12:09)
Desecration at Hembury Fort (13:38)
Today was the 85th anniversary of the Devon CTC group and was also the last ride Michael will be running before his spell in hospital, so it was really good to have so many of our keen riders out today. Ash was out for his first cycle ride with us in more than a year and was particularly keen to do some off-road riding, so we decided to head for Chalk Ford.

We rode up Wallaford Road to Cross Furzes at a brisk pace in glorious sunshine, then got a few light rain showers as we rode up the stony track to Lud Gate. The moor was a little boggy in places after recent rains, but the downhill to Chalk Ford was still great fun. At the top of the track on the other side the youngsters had a contest to see who could throw stones the furthest into the field and woods below - Ash won of course, but several others came close.

At Scoriton we turned left and took the short hill to Holne where everyone was happy to call in at the café for a variety of tasty refreshments that included soups, scones and cakes. It was really good to have everyone together again for this special ride.

Next stop was Hembury fort, and here we were rather shocked to discover that someone had chopped down all four trees that previously adorned the mound in the centre of the fort. The ancient trunks had been laid around the perimeter for some reason, but for us it just served as a permanent reminder of the act of desecration that had been committed here for some unknown reason. This was a sad day indeed.

Ash led the assault of the Slalom track, which of course was quite muddy today, and this hugely enjoyable ride was brought to a conclusion when we returned to Crofters for around 2pm. The fun continued until 5pm however with games of Lord of the Rings and Modern Warfare 3 at Crofters.

Friday 20 May 2016
Evening ride: Converted to badminton socialHeavy rain all evening
5 present: Lawrence Buttress, Dillan Edwards, Michael Jones, George Rogers, Will Rogers
The rain started at 7pm as forecast so our decision to run a social this evening was definitely well informed. We played computer games for the first half of the evening, with Lawrence and Michael playing Lord of the Rings for the first time in ages. We then drove to Ashburton for an hour of badminton on two courts which proved to be great fun all round.

Returning to Crofters we played some exciting games of Modern Warfare 3 until the club closed at 10.30.

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