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South Dartmoor CTC
Weekly cycling adventures for youngsters in South Devon
  • Rides, weekends, tours and social activities for young cyclists aged 10-16
  • Part of the national Cyclists' Touring Club, one of Britain's largest cycling organisations
  • Many activities suitable for new members
  • All activities start from Buckfastleigh
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Friday 3 July 2015
Evening ride: Decided on the Day
No lights required for this local evening ride of around 10-12 miles. Ideal for beginners as well as experienced cyclists.

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Sunday 28 June 2015
Morning ride: Converted to SocialLight rain
4 present: Dillan Edwards, Michael Jones, George Rogers, John Rogers
When the damp weather showed no sign of clearing by 11.00 we booked two badminton courts at Ashmoor leisure centre and spent an enjoyable 75 minutes on some highly energetic games.

Friday 26 June 2015
Evening ride: Scoriton (7 mi)Warm and sunny
2 present: Dillan Edwards, Michael Jones
Sunset in Burchetts Wood (20:27)
This evening's ride took us up Wallaford Road to Cross Furzes and then down via Combe to Scoriton where we were relieved to see that Leo the dog had made a full recovery since our last visit.

After taking the shortcut to Hawson and then the lane over the Holy Brook Bridge Michael turned right into what looked to Dillan like a gap in the hedge. While he was trying to work out what he was doing he unfortunately rode into a ditch on his left, baling at the last to avoid serious injury.

The gap in the hedge was actually the beginning of the delightful track through Burchetts Wood. It turned out to be muddy in a few places but generally flat, dry and full of the tranquillity of summer. To conclude an enjoyable ride we took the track through the woods to Bilberryhill and home.

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