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Friday 30 June 2017
Evening ride: Decided on the Day
If the weather is good we will be running an evening ride from 7pm, so please bring working front and rear lights. There will be a social after the ride until 10.15. If the weather is bad the ride will be replaced with a social, so please bring some money in case we decide to go out somewhere.

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Sunday 25 June 2017
Day ride: Dartmeet (19 mi)Dry with increasing sunny spells
7 present: Dillan Edwards, Michael Jones, Oliver Lindley, Jude Norris, Gavin Pearson, George Rogers, John Rogers
The lane from New Bridge to Poundsgate, above Hannaford Manor, that we had never ridden before (11:42)
Dillan, George, John, Gavin, Oliver and Jude at Humphreys Cross at the top of Hembury Woods (11:13)
Cow and calves by the road leading up to Combestone Tor (13:47)
Brimpts Farm café (13:24)
Oliver didn't get the message about the rescheduling of our Reunion ride to last week, but he turned up today as promised for an excellent moorland ride to Dartmeet. As we rode there only a couple of weeks ago we decided to take ride the usual route in reverse, climbing Hembury Hill and the dropping down to New Bridge. John had to get back for 1pm so he left us at the Holne turnoff.

Google had come up with a new route along a lane past Hannaford Farm that none of us knew existed, so we couldn't resist giving it a try. It was strange to discover a new route so close to home, and it turned out to be a much easier and quieter ride than the main road, boasting cattle roaming free, delightful country houses and some fabulous views over the Dart valley.

Once we had negotiated the steep climb through Poundsgate we were soon descending Dartmeet Hill to Badgers Holt where Oliver left us to join his family for a lunch. Gavin pressed on home for lunch while the rest of us tried Brimpts Farm café. There was no savoury food here and a limited range of cakes and drinks, but the filter coffee and cakes were quite good value and provided us with a welcome break.

Setting off again at 1.25 we rode through Hexworthy and up Combestone hill, passing a friendly cow and calves halfway up. The descent through Venford and Holne to Scoriton was then rapid and enjoyable. Leo's owner, who was outside at Scoriton, told us Leo had been busy all morning but she brought him out for us to give him our usual greeting before we headed on homewards for 2.30.

Today's ride included a total climb of 707m.

Friday 23 June 2017
Evening ride: Belford Mill, Ashburton (11 mi)Cloudy but mainly dry
4 present: Dillan Edwards, Michael Jones, Jude Norris, George Rogers
Dillan and George at the end of the woodland track from Belford Mill towards Ashburton (20:24)
There was a hint of light drizzle in the air so we settled on a fairly short ride along the old Ashburton road, down the railway track and out to Belford Mill, the wedge-shaped building that we have all come to know and love!

The woodland track back to Ashburton followed the river Ashburn all the way, so on the way home we traced its route along the A38 and tried to see where it joined the Dart. Unfortunately we couldn't see that from Dart Bridge and nobody felt like taking the A38 just to look over the edge of the dual carriageway bridge, so we headed home and decided to check it out on Google Earth.

Today's ride included a total climb of 178m.

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